03 February, 2011

Pure Finnish organic food exhibits at BioFach in Nuremberg

31 January 2011

Pure and clean organic food from Finland will be presented at the BioFach organic trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany on 16–19 February 2011. Finnish companies have joined forces with companies from other Nordic countries to exhibit their products at a joint pavilion.

Finland is known for its clean natural environment and ecological know-how. The organic products presented at BioFach are examples of the very best organic production and extensive research and development within the Finnish food industry. In Finland, technological know-how and understanding of ecological processes lay an excellent basis for clean organic food production.

”We believe that the pure Finnish natural environment, strong agricultural tradition and high technological know-how form the best possible basis for clean and safe organic food production for international markets”, says the Finnish representative of BioFach, Mr Arto Varanki from Spokesman Events Oy, who is coordinating the Nordic pavilion and Finnish participation.

”The joint Nordic stand of Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway is already a tradition at BioFach, and together the four countries are set to make an impact”, Varanki says.

Organic food production is also one of the top issues concerning the new Finnish national brand. The brand was released after initiation by Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb. Finnish companies joining BioFach have been devoted and energetic advocates of organic products for several years, commencing long before the release of the new national brand. Germany and other countries in Western Europe as well as the Far East are important trade partners for Finnish organic food producers.

"This year Finnish companies are focusing on consumer products more than before. We have several products based on pure Finnish raw-materials and speciality grains like rye, oats and buckwheat. We have free-from products and products with proven health benefits - all based on the rich food traditions and nature of Finland. We are eagerly looking forward to presenting them to the organic trade at BioFach”, says Organic Food Finland export manager Mr Erkki Pöytäniemi. Organic Food Finland is an export group including, amongst others, six of the Finnish BioFach exhibitors.

The Finnish exhibitors welcome visitors and journalists to their stands (joint stand 1/1-510, Pramia stand 5/5-122 and Viiniverla stand 4A/4A-420c).

For further information, please contact:
Mr Arto Varanki, Spokesman Events Oy, +358 40 544 5598, arto.varanki@spokesman.

Finnish Exhibitors at BioFach 2011:

Bioferme Ltd, Tuula von Zweygbergk, +358 500 505 600, www.bioferme.fi
organic probiotic oat based snacks

Finnish Cheese Company, Esa Luomanperä, +358 400 426 187, www.silva.fi
Silva organic process cheese, ILO organic hummus and freshly peeled organic garlic cloves

Helsinki Mills Ltd, Lhassan El Farkoussi, +358 50 462 4432, www.helsinkimills.fi
organic flour and flakes

Keskisen Mylly Ky, Markku Vitikainen, +358 3 471 6532, www.keskisenmylly.fi
organic buckwheat pasta and other buckwheat products

Linkosuo Bakery Ltd, Leena Järvenpää, +358 20 770 2400, www.linkosuo.fi
small crispy rye snacks and Varrasleipä crispy bread

Nordic Koivu Oy, Susanna Maaranen, + 358 40 523 7348, www.nordickoivu.com
Nordic birch sap

Pramia Oy, Minja Kivinen, +358 40 594 7770, www.pramia.fi
organic alcoholic beverages
stand 5/5-122

Senson Oy, Pasi Heikkilä, +358 500 352 868, www.senson.fi
organic malt extracts

Viiniverla Oy, Juha Kuronen, +358 40 530 9224, www.viiniverla.fi
organic berry wines
stand 4A/4A-420c

Virgino, Perttu Korolainen, + 358 400 770 654, www.virgino.fi
organic cold pressed rape seed oil

23 December, 2010

Season's Greetings !!!

We have used our “Christmas card budget” to
buy 1000 m2 of Finnish primeval old-growth
forest through the Finnish Natural Heritage
Foundation. This forest will be put under
conservation. For more information visit

02 December, 2010

Still more research on Virgino rape seed oil !

The article has been published in the "Lipids and Health" publication. You can download the report "Effects of dietary cold-pressed turnip rapeseed oil and butter on serum lipids, oxidized LDL and arterial elasticity in men with metabolic syndrome" at


The rapeseed oil used in the study was Virgino cold pressed oil. 

12 November, 2010

New research gives further proof of healthiness of rape seed oil

The new press release from Helsinki University "Canola-type rapeseed oil reduces the level of fibrinogen, a leading cause of thrombosis and inflammation" explains the importance of lowering blood fibrinogen levels for human health. Using just 1 spoonful of Finnish spring turnip seed oil (Brassica rapa ssp Oleifera) decreased all higher-than-average fibrinogen levels by approximately 30 per cent in the research subjects.

At Virgino the healthiness of Finnish rape seed oil has been known for years. Virgino produces the highest quality cold pressed oil which means that apart from the beneficial fatty acid composition and high levels of Omega-3 the oil also contains all the vitamins, enzymes and lecithin which are lost in refined oil. The importance of consuming your food as unrefined as possible can not be stressed enough. Oil refining destroys the valuable protective substances in the oil. Lecithin for example is an extremely valuable component in rape seed oil which is totally lost in refining.

The success of Virgino in Finland has been very much based on the research and communication of the health benefits of Virgino oils. One of the last research projects specifically on Virgino oil was conducted by  Chief Physician Ari Palomäki, and the results presented to the scientific community at the Nordic Congress on Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, held in Hämeenlinna, Finland from 12–14th June 2008. A summary of the research can be found in English hear.

The rape seed that is grown in Finland and used in Virgino oil is the spring turnip rapeseed Brassica rapa ssp Oleifera. This is not the same species as is grown elsewhere in Europe (Brassica napus) and has a better fatty acid composition - the content of saturated fatty acids is lower. Therefore Virgino turnip rape seed oil is one of the best and healthiest food oils in the world.

Virgino oil is also absolutely GMO-free.  There are no GMO varieties of rapeseed grown in Finland or Europe in general. On the other hand all Canola rapeseed oil originating from North-America either derives from GMO varieties or is in any case contaminated with GMO. Also the rapeseed oils that are on the market in Asia are mainly from North-America. The Finnish Virgino organic cold pressed rapeseed oil offers therefore a delicious, healthy and GMO-free alternative.

Apart from the plastic bottle in the photo, Virgino is also available in glass bottles for export.

18 August, 2010

Organic Food Finland: Lhassan moves on.

Lhassan El Farkoussi started with Organic Food Finland in April 2006. Since September 2008 he worked as the Export Manager of Organic Food Finland under my supervision developing export for the OFF group of companies. Lhassan has proved to be an excellent salesman and communicator who is always keen to manage the sales process independently from start to end - while seeking for advice when necessary. He has a remarkable rate of positively closed sales - maybe partly because of his very positive attitude.

Helsinki Mills has now reached a stage where it makes sense to hire their own Export Manager. Lhassan was a natural choice as he had already worked with Helsinki Mills' export and created a lot of new sales. Lhassan has started as Export Manager of Helsini Mill since 1st August 2010. I wish him success in his new career.

Organic Food Finland's cooperation to help Helsinki Mills' internationalization and export development will also still continue.

Erkki Pöytäniemi

06 July, 2010

ViiniVerla has redesigned itself

We have had very positive feed-back about the taste and quality of the ViiniVerla liqueurs, the sparkling wines, table wines and not least the Verlados - the calvados type spirit. But the design of the labels was lacking. Now that problem has been fixed with a new and modern design on all labels. The labels are also flexible in that the back-label can always be printed separately for each order thereby enabling labeling in any language and meeting the requirements of national legislation.

The uniqueness of the ViiniVerla products is in the nordic superberries that are used in their production. The liqueurs - which are not overly sweet as many liqueurs are - are based on cloudberry, cranberry, billberry, lingonberry and sea buckthorn among others. They have a delicious flavour of the wild picked berries.

On the other hand the sparkling wines are produced respecting the traditional Champagne method. Therefore it takes 3 years to produce which makes planning not a little challenging. The sparklings are made of gooseberry and different varieties of currants.

Also the table wines make great company for dinner. These are probably some of the best berry and fruit wines around.

The Verlados is a special story. It is made of Finnish organic apples using the Calvados method. Of course the word Calvados shouldn't be used because this spirit is produced in Verla, not in France. But the product has received lots of praise from those who have tasted it. It is available as up to 8 years old.